Make A Donation

Any donation, whether cash or kind will be greatly appreciated to enhance the lives of the babies we look after and to fund the many community programs we undertake.

For an idea of what we need for our babies, take a look at our needs page.

If you would like to make a cash donation, you may do a bank transfer or EFT. Our banking details are below:

Banking Details
Nedbank, Mall @ Reds
Account Number: 2128023475
Branch Code: 112850500

Please contact us for more information on how to make a sponsorship to NewBeginningZ.

our needs

For detailed info about our needs please click on the content tabs below to expand the relevant sections. For any further information, please visit our Resources page to download our various needs lists.

  • Pampers, Huggies, Cuddlers: Nappies (ALL Sizes) especially 5 & 6 & Pull Ups
  • Wet Wipes - ALWAYS Need Any Good Quality Brand. We use on average 4 packs (320) in a Single Day! We like our little bottoms clean and smelling fresh!
  • Printed ones for the Housemothers to wear everyday
  • Good Quality 125ml Wide neck & Standard Bottles (Avent, Nuk, Jet's range) Not Pep-stores! Premature Teats
  • Hair Moisturisers, Pretty Hair Accessories, Hair Relaxer
  • Small Nail Clippers, Brushes & Combs
  • Aqueous cream (Bennetts), Vaseline, Daktarin Oral Gel, Multipeol Ointment, Antipeol Ointment, Apor Cream, Cortisone based ointments, Advantan Ointment, Advantan Fatty Ointment, Sebamed, Topivate, Emulsifying Ointment , Dermovate Ointment, Persivate, Nystacid
  • Cold & Flu Meds, Deselex, Bactrim / Purbac Antibiotic, Bennett's Colic Mixture, Panado, Ponston, Buscopan, Combivent Nebules, Singulair Tablets/Sachets, Pro-biflora Sachets, Daktarin Oral Gel
  • Food, Fruit & Veg, Juices, Non perishables, Purity Fruits, Halaal Meat, (Various Grocery Items)
  • A New/Used Minibus PLEASE!

  • Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler, Mercedes
  • At least a 7 seater
  • Poster Printing

  • TODDLER SCHOOL FEES & Extra Mural Activity Fees

  • Toddler Girls Winter Clothes, Jackets, Socks, Shoes (2-5yrs)
  • Infant Formula

  • Breast Milk, Isomil 3, Infacare Soya Gold 3, Nan 1,2,3, Nan HA, Pelargon, NeoCate, Alfare, Pharmalat Easy Gest Long Life Milk, Nido
  • Baby equipment

  • Feeding chairs, cabinets, swing-o-matic, sterilizers, cot bedding
  • Cash Donations to enable us to pay for Doctor's Appointments, Medical Expenses, Pharmacy Bill, Haven Maintenance & other unexpected expenses
  • Office Equipment, Sundries & Stationery

  • Colour Printer Cartridges, Reams of Paper, Coloured Paper, Laminating Pouches A4 & A3, Business Cards, Printing of our Pamphlets
  • Volunteers

  • Doctors, Specialists, Hospitals, Corporate Professionals, Students, Scholars.
  • Gardener & Handy Man

  • Someone to arrange a Fundraising Events for us (2 per year)

  • Or do smaller fundraisers in their communities, at work, host a tea party or corporate event
  • Volunteer Application Form & To Do List Available.
  • Small fuel efficient Run Around Car
  • Chana AC 1300CC DOUBLE CAB with Nudge Bar & Tow Bar / Cherry Automatic or any other small automatic little car.
  • Service & Maintenance for VW TDi, Petrol
  • Graphic Designing & Re-designing of our Angel Logo
  • Garden & Play Area
  • Someone to create a Sensory Garden with water feature with different textures and non-poisonous plants and flowers
  • Volunteers
  • To give of their time & expertise
  • Marketing & Fundraising
  • To host Birthday Parties for our kiddies at the Haven
  • Take kids on Outings & Excursions
  • Food Hampers
  • Monthly food parcels for Child Headed Households, Granny Headed Households & Terminally ill single caregiver families
  • Mealiemeal, Sugar, Oil, Peanut Butter, Tea, Powder Milk (or Long Life), Soya Mince, Packet Soup, Stamp Mealies, Toothpaste, Bath Soap, Sunlight Soap, Candles, Matches, Toiletries (adult soap, toothpaste)
  • Trauma Centres
  • "Rape Kits" needed for all ages. These include underwear, face cloth, soap, small toothpaste and toothbrush, small Vaseline, small lotion, small soft toy.
  • Nappy Bin + refill plastic rolls, Nappy Packets, Plastic stackable containers big and small, plastic stackable drawers & clear plastic storage containers
  • Baby equipment
  • Good Quality Cots, Car seats, Feeding Chairs, Wooden Changing Table with Chest of Drawers, Nebulizers, Humidifiers, Educational Toys