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Any donation, whether cash or kind will be greatly appreciated to enhance the lives of the babies we look after and to fund the many community programs we undertake.

For an idea of what we need for our babies, take a look at our needs page.

If you would like to make a cash donation, you may do a bank transfer or EFT. Our banking details are below:

Banking Details
Nedbank, Mall @ Reds
Account Number: 2128023475
Branch Code: 112850500

Please contact us for more information on how to make a sponsorship to NewBeginningZ.

our projects

The Zameer Hassim Foundation

Through this initiative we donate our extra camp cots through the Johannesburg Department of Environmental Health and the City of Jhb to Rat Bite Victims! Small babies and children are bitten and often literally eaten alive by rats and sometimes whole packs of rats. These children are from various informal settlements such as Ivory Park and others.

We also have two unnamed projects.... with the one we assist mothers who sell sweets or have the portable phone stalls etc on the side of the road. If they have small babies we provide them with a pram, clothes, warm blanket etc for her child. I feel that these mothers are at least trying to provide themselves with an income instead of standing with a "please help, no food for children" board at a robot.

A few schools have approached us in need of assistance with teenage moms who attend school again. Some of these children don't have support systems which mean that they stay absent from school, stop going to school, their grades drop etc due to the fact that there is no one to help them with their babies. We find sponsors to then pay for an approved and registered nursery school or day care mother near the scholar's home in order for her to go to school, come home do home work, house work and cook before she fetches her child then. This program has very strict criteria.

Iterileng Community Centre

This multifunctional centre will be aimed at providing desperately needed social services to the disadvantaged members of the same informal settlement, Iterileng, where the Day Care Centre is based. We were successful in acquiring a bigger plot of land for the Day Care Centre with the view of not only expanding their facilities but also incorporating both the community centre as well as the Mini Medical / Mobile Clinic. A small brick structure would've been ideal but too costly for us. The other problem we face is the fact that government sees this informal settlement as a problem and there have been talks for the past 10 years to relocate this settlement. For this reason they refuse to approve any permanent structural buildings and plans. In the unlikely event that they should actually move this entire community, all our structures are moveable.

We do not yet have the funding for this or the below mentioned Medical Centre, but we are hard at work to secure possible funders.

Iterileng has approximately 16 400 people living in 3 570 marked and registered shacks (that they are aware of) sharing 13 water points and 56 portable toilets. (*Local Government stats 2007)

Extended Benificiary Program

Through our EBP in 2009 & 2010 we have helped and serviced a total of 503 beneficiaries through various other organisations servicing vulnerable & orphaned children.

NBZ Medical Outreach Program & Imaan Clinic Bus

With this program we intend on educating children and parents or caregivers alike about basic hygiene, general food and water safety, general sick care for dependants and caregivers etc. We start at the nursery school level and according to assessments done by Community Workers; visit the indicated households who need assistance. We are also planning to mobilise the same community workers, provide training and equip them to do the home visits on their own when medical students and volunteers are not available. Small medical bags will be issued to volunteers as soon as we've purchased everything. Fortunately, Seed funding to the value of R17 000 for this initiative has been approved and paid over from the Rhodes Scholars Southern African Forum (University of Oxford).

"Medical Training" would include topics relevant specifically to this informal settlement as per the Needs Assessment that was conducted. Some of these topics include: Bottle Feeding, Breast Feeding, Family Planning & Contraception / Birth Control, Safe Sex, STI's, HIV/AIDS (and related illnesses) TB, Baby Care, Toddler Care, Frail Care, Diabetes, High Blood, Epilepsy etc.

With the help of a few sponsors we are in the process of converting and equipping a old double decker bus to serve as a stationery "mobile" clinic in the Iterileng informal settlement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you request any additional information, alternatively schedule an appointment with us to come and see what exactly it is we do every day.


A volunteer is someone who offers an organisation his or her services of his or her own free will. Individuals, Scholars, Students, Professionals, are all very welcome to join our growing network of NBZ Volunteers. Our volunteers are not paid any sort or remuneration or stipend. They are expected to follow the guidelines laid down by the organisation and upheld by its management. It is important for our volunteers to be aware of the commitment and responsibility required for the positive development of each our children, as well as the success of the organisation as a whole. Volunteer Application forms & To Do List available.

Corporate Social Investment Projects

Due to the fact that we don't receive any funding from the Government we rely heavily on private & corporate sponsorship to fund all our various programs. If you don't have a Social Committee we invite you to get together a group of interested people from your company and pay us a visit. Last year a few companies came and spent a morning or afternoon with us & see how they could become involved either on a once off basis or long term commitment at the Haven or the Day Care Centre. All of them have described their visits as eye opening but rewarding experiences!

Special Projects for 2011

Forever Home

Because of the fact that we don't discriminate against which children or cases we take in we have to plan for the future. We have taken in children in crisis and a few of them have unfortunately lost their parents due to various reasons. Some of these children are now orphans who have nowhere else to go and because of their medical conditions are regrettably not adoptable. These are our children now and we have to plan for the rest of their lives. Legally we are not allowed to do Place of Safety & Foster Care on the same premises and we therefore need another smaller premises to house these 4 children in a Forever Home.

New Car

PLEASE, Pretty Please People, you have NO idea how desperately we are in need of a new car! Our TDi has cost an arm & a leg to keep on the road, it overheats every five minutes and I have really had enough of it. You try driving around in this car that overheats as soon as you get to 3rd gear, leaks from everywhere when it rains and has no aircon while you have at least 5 screaming kids in there... Survivor Pretoria! I would've won that so easily – yeah I wish, if only. We would've had a million bucks to buy a new car and a new home.

If anyone is interested in running a Fundraising Event for us we would greatly appreciate any attempts.

** For volunteer applications or more information on our needs, please visit our Resources page.